Building on a Lifetime of Experience

Over the past decade, Lucas Construction Group (LCG) established itself as an effective and steadily growing presence in the heavy construction industry in the mid-Atlantic region.

The owners, brothers Lionel and Anthony Lucas, both have a deep background in construction with a longstanding pedigree dating back to their father’s successful heavy construction contracting business founded in 1979.

After their father’s retirement in 2006, the brothers created their own company, putting a lifetime of experience to work realizing a common vision. That was the beginning of LCG.

LCG was built on a solid foundation of focused work, perseverance, discipline and ambition resulting in diversified strength and strategic growth even in challenging economic times. With the right resources and the right equipment, LCG is actively launching into larger and more ambitious projects every day.

With a clear corporate mission beyond mere financial success, LCG also works hard to be a true part of our community participating in volunteer projects throughout the county and state.

The company we’ve created is dedicated to hard work, high-quality results, and promoting a feeling of pride and accomplishment in all our employees, which pays off massive dividends for our clients.