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Lucas Construction Group, Inc. is comprised of a team of highly experienced construction and engineering professionals. Together, we generate precise cost estimates and provide cost-control services. Our expertise spans a range of construction disciplines, including – structural, mechanical and electrical, with individual backgrounds in engineering and construction management. The company draws upon its broad construction experience to provide customers with a realistic budget during the estimation process and the construction of a project. We continue to control and monitor the established budget during the duration of the project.

Our expertise is based on preparing estimates for many types of projects – over 500 per year – ranging from $25,000 to $30 million. We have drawn upon these resources to assemble our “in-house database” – a vast amount of information which is updated daily. Although we utilize all of our sources in our analysis, every estimate we produce is tailored to the specific project and the client’s individual requirements.

Our team works within the client’s time schedule, thereby consistently meeting established deadlines. Lucas Construction Group, Inc. has performed services for clients and projects on a local and statewide basis, proudly offering the highest level of expertise in the industry.

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Michael Armstrong
Fabio Lucas

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