Building the Nation’s Infrastructure

Lucas Construction Group (LCG) is expert in all types of heavy construction projects and provides a full range of construction services including:

  • Highway and heavy construction
  • Complete site development
  • Utility installation
  • Earth moving
  • Trucking and equipment rental
  • Construction materials recycling

Road Construction

LCG builds the highest-quality roads, parking lots, decks, bridges and all sorts of paved surfaces. From asphalt milling and paving to concrete work to bridge building, we create the right features to fit any project specifications, schedule and timing. When working on only a portion of a project, we coordinates with all other site construction in order to maintain project harmony.

Site Work

Almost every big construction project requires work to prepare the site for whatever is to be built upon it. Earth moving and shaping can create a whole new look on even the flattest original terrain. Grading drainage areas, when done properly, should be virtually invisible to those using a property. Likewise, the installation of high-priority utility services like sewer and water if done well, should seem completely behind the scenes, seamlessly integrating into the project. These are just a few of the skills LCG keeps in our set:

  • Road and bridge construction
  • Excavation and grading
  • Guide rail and signage
  • Rock blasting
  • Utilities
  • Drainage solutions
  • Pumping stations
  • Storm, surcharge and wick drains
  • Footings and foundations
  • Weight distribution with piles and pile caps
  • Retaining walls
  • Steel sheeting
  • Pipe pilling
  • Docks, piers and bulkheads
  • Concrete pads
  • Parking lots, garages and decks
  • Pavers
  • Clearing
  • Landscaping
  • Parks and recreation areas

Concrete Crushing and Scrap Metal Recycling

As an extended part of our service, LCG offers onsite concrete and aggregate stone crushing as well as scrap metal recycling, reducing or eliminating the cost and need for hauling this material off site.

Trucking and Equipment Rental

Under some circumstances, LCG makes equipment available for rent based on client and project need and as always, scope, schedule and timing.

Property Redevelopment

Yet another area of expertise for LCG is in property redevelopment, particularly brownfield redevelopment and property acquisitions.