Private Market

The Tailored Approach

With several extensive projects completed and placed firmly in the win column, Lucas Construction Group (LCG) has established strong relationships with major national real estate developers including:

LCG’s extensive capabilities allow us to get involved in every area of a project as necessary. Private contracting projects can be diverse and change quickly as requirements and code approvals are delivered. LCG adapts to each fluctuation in this environment specifically by addressing scope, timing and deadlines with changes in staff, equipment and project management.

Some of the private projects completed by LCG include:

  • Large buildings
  • Building of parking lots
  • Building of parking decks and ramps
  • Earth moving and grading
  • Drainage, sewer, utility installation
  • Paving and milling

LCG’s tailors a unique approach for each and every project we take on, bringing all of our knowledge and experience to bear.