Public Markets

A Different Approach

Much of Lucas Construction Group’s (LCG) business comes through public contracts. Ranging widely in size and scope, these contracts are managed in conjunction with agencies like:

  • Federal and State governments
  • Local and municipal governments and boards, Boards of Education
  • Interstate agencies like the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

For each and every one of its clients LCG brings a vast amount of local knowledge and experience to the table. We has extensive experience dealing with every level public agency from the Federal down to Local including interstate agencies.

LCG carries a confidence most companies do not possess that helps smooth the way to a successful result. Our disciplined approach means “no” is not an option for us when pursuing business for our clients.


LCG has successfully navigated the ins and outs of all sorts of government contracting processes. This practical, working knowledge eases the complexity of almost any project and keeps us focused on the job at hand.


A written process and day-to-day working reality are rarely the same thing. LCG has worked with all of these agencies before and understands how the contractor-agency relationship works best.


Productive, positive, goal-oriented relationships-this is one of the things that makes working with LCG different. This is the often overlooked and ever-elusive personal touch we offer our clients. This is the firm handshake that can transform a problem into an opportunity.